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Brian O’Donovan Advanced Dip counselling, Member BACP, BA Psychology, Post Grad Certificate Coaching

Counselling and psychotherapy

One in four of us experience mental health problems every year. I believe that nobody should face mental health problems on their own, experience stigma or discrimination. We all have the right to be well both mentally and physically.

Counselling and Psychotherapy can provide help and support with emotional difficulties that sometimes arise in our lives, issues such as Anxiety, low mood and Depression, Stress, relationship problems and inter personal problems. Issues around anger, intrusive thoughts, trauma, childhood abuse and neglect. Therapy can help with issues around gender and sexuality at any age.

I offer a friendly, empathetic and personal service working individually with clients to explore their issues and difficulties. I have worked with people from diverse backgrounds, with a wide range of difficulties. Therapy provides a secure and confidential space to talk about what is troubling you, enabling you to explore your issues in whichever way suits you. I offer a free initial consultation in which we can talk about your difficulties and ways in which we can work together to address your needs.

It is not always easy to contact someone for the first time and talk about yourself, it can feel slightly odd or you may feel embarrassed, and think I should be able just “get along” or “get over” my problems and emotional difficulties.

As Human beings we are all vulnerable to circumstances, external forces and the pressures of living, however we are also have within us the resources to face the challenges and difficulties of our lives and to build resilience to be able to cope. Therapy provides the environment for you to begin to make sense of things, to explore the meaning of your feelings and to begin to build hope and improve. We cannot change the pass, but we can leave it behind and free ourselves to more meaningful and fulfilling lives.

Counselling offers a place to explore meanings and make connections, to enable understanding, this in itself can promote change, sometimes deep intrapersonal change and learning. I offer short term or fixed contracts or longer more open ended therapy for more complex issues.

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